Success of every project or company largely depends on persons who put owner’s or investor’s strategic plans into practice and on methods and manner used by them for this purpose.

We offer outsourced business management services and provides the client with all the needed management resources. We provide Interim Directors and Managers at executive and senior management level. Our service includes the provision of General Director for a Belarus companies. Our managers are supported by experts from the company’s consulting resources.

Corporate Management and Business Development

  • Management (directorship) of operative and administrative activities of the company or project.
  • Property and asset management.
  • Legal, financial and accounting support of company.
  • Recruiting and formation of a project team.
  • Organization of regular work of company Board of Directors and General Meeting of Shareholders (members): development of activity plans, controlling the regularity of meetings and provision of documents to be discussed.
  • Provision of recommendations for audit or revision of company’s financial or economic operations, and participation in audits.
  • Control under company activities in operations, finance, marketing, etc.

We have a wealth of experience at all levels of business and across most market sectors. We can offer you a suitably experienced partner, director or manager who will attend your Board Meetings and will act in an advisory capacity in order to assist your business in its strategic and operational growth.